Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Veda Unveils A New Video

Dublin drag superstar Veda released her album Stars Edge last year and got tongues wagging about it's top quality mix of synths, hooks and saucy lyrics. The kind of assured electro pop you just don't hear coming out of Dublin enough Stars Edge is packed to the brim with potential singles like all the best pop albums.

The single Miss You Much was serviced to iTunes with some spot on remixes a couple of months back and now the video is with us. And what a treat it is. I'd seen a rough cut a few months thanks to Jessie Ward who was working on the project and at the time was really impressed with it. I still feel the same. Shot on a shoestring, you'd never guess by looking at the piece which is glossy and slick but also genuinely beautiful too. It's a simple set up but given a beautifully filtered feel so that it has a hazy, glitter-y feel perfectly suited to the track.

Check out the video, directed by Paul Rowley, below. Stars Edge is on iTunes now and you should be able to nab physical copies in Tower Records and HMV if you're lucky. The Miss You Much remix EP is also on iTunes now. Veda meanwhile will be playing a slot at the upcoming Milk festival which I am more than a little bit excited about!

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