Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Alexandra Burke Video Is Awful But Amazing: All At Once

Despite having a really good debut album to pluck numerous singles from Alexandra Burke is pushing ahead with the release of the new Red One produced track Start Without You. It's a bit of a dud but at the same time it lodges in your head like only the most irritating pop tracks can.

The video has dropped today and it reminds you that Alexandra Burke screams star from head to toe. Love the hair flipping sass, the confident dance moves and the easy flirtation with numerous of shirtless boys who seem to either be in the gym or on their way to a ballet class. Who knows?

I am a tad confused though as this behind the scenes video is totally different which leads me to believe they are readying a different take for the U.S. Still the more Alexandra sass I get the better.

Start Without You is released on September 5th in the UK and on the 3rd here.

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