Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ke$ha's Ode To Drag Queens Finally Gets A Video

As if one drag inspired pop video wasn't enough! Ke$ha's current single Take It Off (my hands down favourite on her trash-tastic debut album) has been floating around for awhile. She has discussed how the track is inspired by fierce drag queens so I awaited a tranny fierce music video with baited breath.

But alas the video that leaked online today features not one drag queen! What a disgrace! Still there is plenty to like in the Paul Hunter directed clip. Ke$ha looks great, it's amazing what a bit of hair straightening will do to make a girl scrub up well. There's some neat FX (though none as effective as the last video) but ultimately nothing really happens. Where is the basement dance party with everyone "taking if off". Where is the actual dance routine? WHERE ARE THE TRANNIES?

This video looks great and does the job and I'm sure the song will do little to hamper Ke$ha's chart run (which has included each single shifting over a million copies each Stateside!) but next time we'd like a little more attention paid to the lyrical content of the track Missus!

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