Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Six Pack: Six Internet Treats This Week

Nothing like a round up of different bits and pieces on the web to get your pop juices flowing on a mid week is there?
Here are six things on the web I've been enjoying this week.

1: Sky Ferrira Explained

Whether you are full on obsessed or just clueless as to who rising pop starlet Sky Ferrira you still could do worse then check out this exhaustive guest post on one of my fave blogs MuuMuse (I feel highlighting a guest post on MuuMuse is a tad unfair as the regular writer Bradley is rather great but still!). A great crash thing in all things Sky and the state of pop music in general. A tad long winded but well worth a look!

2: Full of Sex and the City Wonder

You may have seen the video of every "Fabulous" every featured in Sex and the City that was knocking around during the week. It's sister video is even better, using my favourite Carrie phrase "I couldn't help but wonder". Highlights just how often Ms Bradshaw wondered, pondered or just had a little think throughout the series.

3: thisispopbaby does Electric Picnic

If you've been to Electric Picnic the last few years then no doubt you visited the rather amazing thisispopbaby tent at some point on your travels. A veritable whirlwind of performance art, drag queens, musical guests and a whole lot more beside they offer a bevy of suitably crazy festival entertainment. This year's lineup was announced today. The obvious standout is the acoustic performance by Robyn (HOW EXCITING) but there is loads more to enjoy from a new Panti show and the revival of thisispopbaby's already well received performance art club WERK. Electric Picnic just got even more exciting! For the full lineup head on over to the thisispopbaby website

4: Alphabeat Live the Video Life on the Road

Speaking of Robyn, her recent video for new single Hang With Me is a beautifully shot slice of documentary style footage and endearing Robyn looks. Not to be outdone Danish popsters Alphabeat have released a similar video for Heat Wave another gem from their underappreciated second album. Focussing more on a live show than the Robyn video it's just as charming and I can't help but want to see more popstar videos like this.  A genuinely great pop video that revels in it's simplicity.

5: Girlicious Party Until 2 in the Morning

Briefly: Girlicious were formed on a TV show as a new Pussycat Dolls style group but "more urban". Their music tanked outside of Canada where they managed a batch of hits and a surprisingly decent debut album. Despite losing a member the girls recently signed a new Canadian record deal. That resulted in Maniac an addictive slice of throwaway pop that should have been huge over here. They've just dropped a new track called 2 in the Morning. It's disposable and tongue in cheek and buckets of fun. A thumping run around the dancefloor, it samples ATC'S Around the World (remember that?) and will lodge in your head for at least the next 24 hours. Great fun.

6: Chloe Explained

If you haven't caught comedian Drew Droege's amazing video blogs as his own wacky version of Chloe Sevigny then do so immediately. This interview is a great insight into how take came about, like the best impressions it takes enough of what we know about a person and adds plenty more. A sharp little piece, it only makes video like this gem below even better:


  1. LOVE Alphabeat and their new video. I still need to do some research on Sky Ferreira, LOL @ the Carrie video, and damn that Girlicious song is catchy.

    Mustart x

  2. It's a lovely video isn't it? Sky is going to be huge me thinks. The Carrie video is GAS and Girlicious keep handing out great trashy tracks!