Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jennifer Lopez and Taio Cruz Join Forces

Taio Cruz has made a decent go of that cracking America business with his track Break My Heart hitting the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Throw in the successful hit with Ke$ha Dirty Piture and current single Dynamite which is doing good business and you could say that he is doing quite alright.

So with that in mind it's a bit surprising to see a remix of Dynamite pop up with Jennifer Lopez doing guest vocals. She was rumoured to be in the video but instead we have this attempt at turning the Dr Luke track (it does sound just like California Gurls and all those songs of that sparkly pop ilk but you know what? That's not a bad thing) into a duet.

It sort of works as much as these things ever can but it does suggest that La Lopez is due a proper pop comeback soon. Recent singles with Sony ahead of a new album Love? tanked leading her to leave the record label that was her home during her boom years (I should be making a J Lo / economy comparison here shouldn't I?). Still she's signed with Island Def Jam and is rumoured to be releasing the album with them soon.

Her recent movie The Back Up Plan while not a huge hit, turned a profit and renewed interest in a more modest and likeable version of the last decades biggest diva. Still earning a slew of big magazine covers and press attention and supposedly in line for a gig on American Idol, all signs point to a slow but steady return to the top for Miss Lopez.

Now I could be wrong but let's hope it works out, not least because I want another track as good as this gem:

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