Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EXCITEMENT ALERT: MTV VMA 2010 Nominations are in

I'm not going to lose the run of myself and rant on about how OBSESSED I am with the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAS) but suffice to say they are one of my favourite pop culture events of any given year. Last year's ceremony in particular was great stuff. Plenty of big performances, lots of great videos winning it was a perfect storm of a great year for both big music videos and big popstars making for one endlessly enjoyable awards show.

With that in mind it's fun to look through the list of nominations today. Lady Gaga is clearing slaying the competition already with her record breaking 13 nominations, Florence and the Machine have managed to sneak into the Video of the Year category (I'm not sure how given that all of her videos have been a bit blah) and the new artist category should be an interesting mud slinging between Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber while Broken Bells look on somewhat bemused to be in their category.

It's a neat reminder of how big music videos have gotten again that there are plenty of heavy hitters across the nominations. Obviously Gaga's Telephone and Bad Romance have eaten up online attention the last 12 months but Eminem, Jay Z and B.O.B. are likely to offer up some competition too. The full list, which is exhaustive, can be found here. It's well worth a look not leats for the non award show technical categories which are a neat reminder of the level of work that goes into these productions.

In the mean time I await the full show with baited breath. SO. EXCITED. The official site is pretty kick ass too. I'm actually feeling faint just looking at it. In a good way.

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