Friday, July 30, 2010

Dannii Minogue Does Reality TV : Very Exciting

Ever since the amazing electro pop that was 2003's Neon Nights album I've had a soft spot for Dannii Minogue. She served up a pile of top dance pop singles from the hit I Begin To Wonder to the floptastic but still fun Touch Me Like That which was basically Dannii singing about her ladybits over Slyvester's You Make Me Feel. Which is No. Bad. Thing.

Anyway, while music may not have gone Dannii's way (despite reports over the last year or two that she has been working with Freemasons on new material and more recently Ruth Lorenzo who she mentored on X Factor) her time on the X Factor has slowly but surely given Dannii a spot as a sweetheart of sorts for the X Factor audience.

Maybe it's been her clothes, maybe it's her spot on mix of camp-y relish and spot on critique but Minogue is always the best bit about the X Factor for me. After a brief break from filming after having a baby (with her fella, who quite frankly did not get hit with the ugly stick!) Dannii is now back beavering on the forthcoming X Factor series (while Cheryl generally just has to lie around in hospital and wonder why she couldn't plump the few extra quid for a pre-holiday malaria jab).

Before that though is the small matter of her new reality series for ITV2, Dannii Minogue: Style Queen. The focus seems to mainly be on her new fashion line Project D but the previews knocking around on the web suggest plenty of other stuff to enjoy too not least a cameo from another quite recognisable Minogue sister.

This preview however is my fave, it's short but sweet as Dannii vamps it up with 2 of her best gayzzz before the amazing line at the end "you know Joan Collins came into my dressing room at X Factor?" and BAM clip cuts out. Talk about leaving us wanting more.

Dannii Minogue: Style Queen is probably going to be one of those classy, slightly dull reality affairs. But to be honest I'm not really into the idea of seeing Dannii tramping around cursing and acting a twat so that's acceptable. I just want to see her look glam, hold hands with her LASH of a fella and generally be amazing. If anyone who spotted her Piers Morgan interview last year they'll know Dannii has certainly struggled through C-list celebrity long enough to have earned what is fast becoming the golden age of her career.

More power to you Miss Minogue, now if you could knock out another track as great as this we'd be laughing:

Dannii Minogue: Style Queen hits ITV2 this Wednesday at 9pm.

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