Thursday, August 5, 2010

Step Up 3D: More fun than you can shake 3D Dance Stick at

You may have caught my over-excited ramblings about Step Up 3D in the last few days. Well the fun doesn't stop there. Having seen the film on Tuesday here are my thoughts on the film which I have to say was tremendous amounts of fun.

The plot (such as there is) follows Moose, the skinny dance whizz from Step Up 2 as he moves to college to stop dancing (as per his parents request) and knuckle down to the books with best friend Camille. BUT it's only a matter of minutes before Moose is taken by dance teacher/mentor/would-be filmmaker/handsome leading man Luke whose nightclub cum dance studio is a crash pad for a rag tag crew of dance champions.

They're preparing for a huge dance competition with a hefty prize that'll keep their space in the right hands. Why they don't just enter America's Best Dance Crew I don't know... Anyway Natalie (played by her that was Cassie in Home & Away if you're into that sort of thing) also crops up as love interest/leading lady/dramatic foil who is another dancer that Luke takes under his wing and may have a bit of a thing for (it wouldn't be Step Up without some romance would it?).

That's the boring plot bit out of the way. What would you need to know is that it's wall to wall dance sequences (YES!), doesn't waste too much time on boring romance (YES!) and is actually in proper "dancers limbs popping out of the screen" 3D. And is loads of fun. The pace of the musical sequences is non stop and they give the film a sense of flair and enjoyment that reminds you why nothing screams "popcorn movie brilliance" quite like a good dance movie.

5 things I loved about Step Up 3D:

(1) The WALL of boomboxes the dancers use for their music. A completely impractical waste of electricity but amazing nonetheless.

(2) The following line : "We can go anywhere, we can go to California"

(3) Someone giving a character a heartfelt speech while dressed in an Olsen Twins costume (HONESTLY)

(4) Cloud Campos one of Madonna's best ever dancers (who fans will remember from the Re-Invention Tour and The Conefessions Tour) turning up in a supporting role

(5) The soundtrack, it's wall to wall pop/hip hop/electro heaven. Even this tune, one of my fave dance tunes of the last year turns up:

In conclusion this film is buckets of fun and will happily fill the dance film shaped hole in your life. Another fun moment at the screening was this video of a Irish hip hop dancers which was played for them on the big screen at the Savoy, they were only delighted:

Step Up 3D is out tomorrow and the (AMAZING) soundtrack is also available now. Thanks to Simply Zesty for the tickets and to Eimear for the good company!

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