Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Alexandra Burke Video Is Awful But Amazing: All At Once

Despite having a really good debut album to pluck numerous singles from Alexandra Burke is pushing ahead with the release of the new Red One produced track Start Without You. It's a bit of a dud but at the same time it lodges in your head like only the most irritating pop tracks can.

The video has dropped today and it reminds you that Alexandra Burke screams star from head to toe. Love the hair flipping sass, the confident dance moves and the easy flirtation with numerous of shirtless boys who seem to either be in the gym or on their way to a ballet class. Who knows?

I am a tad confused though as this behind the scenes video is totally different which leads me to believe they are readying a different take for the U.S. Still the more Alexandra sass I get the better.

Start Without You is released on September 5th in the UK and on the 3rd here.

Chelsea Lately to Host VMAs : My Excitement Level Builds

Well as you may have already noticed my obsession with the MTV VMAs knows no boundaries and this year is likely to be just as good. After their announcement of the nominations MTV revealed today that US comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler will be hosting this year's show which takes place in L.A. on the 12th of September.

This is an interesting move and one that should pay off. Handler has built a strong profile and a knack for dealing with high profile celebs on her fantastic talk show Chelsea Lately and she is a fine ambassador for being perfectly snotty towards top name celebrites (and Katie Price)

Handler is a good choice and this strong New York Times piece goes into the detail behind MTV's decision to give her the role.

As if I wasn't excited for the awards already! In the meantime let's enjoy Handler grilling Justin Bieber one of the performers at the Awards this year.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Reminder!

Now before you get yourself in a tizzy about the fact that THE Michael Cera was in town this week or that Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World opens Friday week don't forget that we're taking part in an exclusive competition here that allows you to win a trip to Toronto. Given that I spent some time there myself a few years ago am I RAGING I can't enter this competition.

You get to go to a music festival and be in sunny Toronto in June when the weather is amazing. So click here and get started on the Facebook treasure hunt competition. Well worth a go!

Spin That Record - Top Tunes of the Moment Circa August 2010

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Lolene - Rich (Fake It 'Till You Make It)

Girlicious - 2 In The Morning

Florrie - You Wanna Start Something

Sky Ferrira - Sex Rules

Natalia Kills - Mirrors

Robyn - Criminal Intent

The Hoosiers - Choices

Richard Vission & Static Revenger feat. Luciana - I Like That

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Madonna!

You may have heard that today is Madonna's birthday. The pop deity hits 52 this week and although she's an in between time for her pop career (she's left Warners, doesn't have an album in the immediate future) but that doesn't mean Our Glorious Leader isn't busy. There's the fashion line co-created with daughter Lourdes, modelling for the current D&G campaign while designing sunglasses for them and now directing her second film W.E. (head over to Madonna Tribe to keep up to date with all things Madonna) Madge is nothing if not busy!

Still with her birthday rolling around now seems the perfect time to celebrate all things Madge. But how you ask? Here are list of five Madonna moments, just some personal times when I had a "god Madonna you're kind of amazing" moment. The very reason why this woman is still a pop icon for millions around the world.

5: Madonna bumping into C.Love

I relive this one quite a bit as I still get great mileage out of Madonna running into Miss Courtney Love. "Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now" she snaps at one point. It's hard to say who wants the attention more but it sure is fun to watch these two spar. It's also a neat summation of how Madonna is both in control, efficient but also a bit of a square. Hilarious stuff.

4: American Life

My first Madonna album and still a personal favourite, this is a powerful and highly underrated piece of work. Best described as acoustic electronica pop it brims with a wierd mix of negativity and unbridled expression of devotion to a partner. American Life never quite got off the right start with the title track as a lead single and promo imagery that was both agressive and hard to warm too. Still American Life has plenty of standout moments not least the beautiful Nothing Fails a lush and moving piece of balladry that Madonna has yet to top. Throw in the thumping pop of Hollywood, the sweeping closer Easy Ride and the the glitchy aggression of Nobody Knows Me and you've got some of Madonna's most honest and open work.

3: In Bed With Madonna/ Truth or Dare

This life on the road rockumentary following Madge on her hugely successful Blonde Ambition tour is still an astonishing look at a popstar laid bare. Behind the scene docs are now the life blood of Saturday morning telly, music channels and YouTube pages of upcoming bands but Blonde Ambition feels ahead of it's time aswell as being endlessly entertaining. The way Madonna happily puts her life on camera with little regard for how bad it may make her look is fascinating. At time she comes across as self obsessed, haughty and insensitive. But the overall portrayal is of a shrewd business woman and accomplished performer with a strong sense of self trying to cope with the whirlwind of being the world's biggest popstar. This is a engrossing and often hilarious film that you'd never get today in a world of micromanaged stars and bland PR sanitised interviews. And a good ten years before reality TV made fly on the wall popstar stalking de riguer this film feels like a signal of things to come.

2: The Confessions Tour

Seeing Madonna live is a bit like the last piece in figuring out what makes her so great. Particularly in recent years where some of her image choices can leave her looking slightly out of touch and awkward. In the live setting Madonna cuts an impressive and slick figure. Each tour is an elaborate combination of music, performance and large scale spectacle all controlled with perfect precision by the lady herself. The best example of this for me is The Confessions Tour where Madonna took tracks from the 2005's blindingly good Confessions On A Dancefloor. The eerie opening is stunning, the acoustic Drowned World is beautiful but the highlight is the mash up of Music with Disco Inferno, a pitch perfect example of the way Madonna remixes classic songs in a clever on each tour. The Confessions Tour is a must see for anyone even slightly interested in how a big popstar can put on an even bigger show.

1: Re-hearing The Immaculate Collection for the first time.

Madonna has obviously had a ridiculous amount of hit songs and so any greatest hits release is going to be top heavy with hit after hit. The Immaculate Collection does just that and is as good a summing up of the first ten years of Madonna's career as you're likely to get. I have a funny story about The Immaculate Collection. After I bought American Life I began the long road into Madonna fandom and soon picked up this timeless greatest hits release. Upon listening I had a wierd moment. Not only did I know lots of the songs on it (obviously) but in fact I'd grown up with it. I went swimming with my family at a leisure centre near my home from around the age of 5 until my early teens. They only ever had a handful of CDs on and one of their main ones was The Immaculate Collection. 

Without realising all the tracks on the album became a soundtrack to my childhood. The gentle opening of Borderline, the chunky synths of Lucky Star and the thumping chorus of Rescue Me were just a few tracks that feel hardwired into my brain. Hearing that album again post American Life was an odd moment where it felt like being a Madonna fan was always going to happen. It might sound ridiculous but it's always a nice moment when an artists feels like they were meant to be in your life.

And with that another Madonna birthday passes. Lord knows what she'll be up to next year but say safe to say she'll be keeping busy and keeping us entertained in some way. All hail the Queen.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christina Aguilera sings her socks off in new Burlesque Clip

iLeaks came up with another beauty today, a clip from Burlesque, the trailer for which we squealed about last week. The clip that leaked today is a musical number from the film called Something's Got A Hold Of Me with Christina Aguilera putting her spin on the Etta James track (Aguilera has long admired James, including a cover of At Last on the Stripped tour back in the day)

This clip is way better than what I expected from the film. This version doesn't do to much damadge to the original and Christina sounds great. It'll be interesting to how many old songs vs new tracks turn in the final film. Here's hoping some more Burlesque goodies leak our way soon so we can find out.

Jennifer Lopez and Taio Cruz Join Forces

Taio Cruz has made a decent go of that cracking America business with his track Break My Heart hitting the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Throw in the successful hit with Ke$ha Dirty Piture and current single Dynamite which is doing good business and you could say that he is doing quite alright.

So with that in mind it's a bit surprising to see a remix of Dynamite pop up with Jennifer Lopez doing guest vocals. She was rumoured to be in the video but instead we have this attempt at turning the Dr Luke track (it does sound just like California Gurls and all those songs of that sparkly pop ilk but you know what? That's not a bad thing) into a duet.

It sort of works as much as these things ever can but it does suggest that La Lopez is due a proper pop comeback soon. Recent singles with Sony ahead of a new album Love? tanked leading her to leave the record label that was her home during her boom years (I should be making a J Lo / economy comparison here shouldn't I?). Still she's signed with Island Def Jam and is rumoured to be releasing the album with them soon.

Her recent movie The Back Up Plan while not a huge hit, turned a profit and renewed interest in a more modest and likeable version of the last decades biggest diva. Still earning a slew of big magazine covers and press attention and supposedly in line for a gig on American Idol, all signs point to a slow but steady return to the top for Miss Lopez.

Now I could be wrong but let's hope it works out, not least because I want another track as good as this gem:

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Hurtles Our Way

I'm aware that if you're into this sort of thing (as opposed to say The Hills) then you've probably watched the trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World a hundred times. Well muggins here has finally cottoned on to the buzz for the film now that the dust has settled on Step Up 3D (As in I've seen it and already trying to get someone to go it with me again).

I was a little cynical about another big Michael Cera film where he just plays Michael Cera but Scott Pilgrim looks like a blast. Throwing in the talents of Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and some well regarded source material this is bound to be a big bag of fun.

To celebrate this blog is taking part in a Scott Pilgrim treasure hunt where you have to piece the photos of the movies  Evil Exes together to win a trip to the movie's premiere.  Did we mention that it takes placei n Toronto. That's right! Sound good? Of course it does. Find Universal Pictures Ireland on Facebook to get started. For those already in the game, here is your image:

Best of luck! And don't forget the film opens here on the 25th of August.

M.I.A & Katy Perry Unveil 2 Very Different Videos

2 very different popstars and 2 different videos have come our way in the last day or two. Both are amazing in their own way but for completely different reasons.

First up we have M.I.A's video for XXXO. A slick mixture of clip art, alluring looks and sense of danger perfectly befitting the warped pop of Rusko's production it's a hypnotic peiece of work that demands repeat listens. It's also a perfect visual summation of the imagery M.I.A. has been using this album, dense layers of tacky web graphics and sharp colours. Great stuff.

Katy Perry meanwhile releases the video for Teenage Dream, the title track on her second album. Like California Gurls this is supremely catchy pop gold, with a heartfelt soaring chorus that will soundtrack a million high school proms. The video is fairly standard stuff enlivened by some knowing racy moments and a male model who'd clearly make even Russell Brand feel insecure. 

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream from DeJacoby on Vimeo.

The track itself is part of the masterplan to make Katy Perry an even bigger pop force, as evidenced by her recent Billboard magazine cover story. Other tracks from the record are being added to US iTunes a teaser including the lovely Not Like the Movies and the aggressive Circle The DrainTeenage Dream meanwhile is filled with the just amount right of longing that befits it's title and gives it a charm some of recent Dr Luke/Max Martin work has lacked. And this video is a little less hard on the eyes compared to the candy cane overload of California Gurls. This interview with Bonnie McKee who co-wrote the track with Perry is also worth a look, as the process of piecing another hit track together comes to life.

M.I.A.'s second album MAYA is out now, while Katy Perry's album Teenage Dream is released here on the 30th of August.

Six Pack: Six Internet Treats This Week

Nothing like a round up of different bits and pieces on the web to get your pop juices flowing on a mid week is there?
Here are six things on the web I've been enjoying this week.

1: Sky Ferrira Explained

Whether you are full on obsessed or just clueless as to who rising pop starlet Sky Ferrira you still could do worse then check out this exhaustive guest post on one of my fave blogs MuuMuse (I feel highlighting a guest post on MuuMuse is a tad unfair as the regular writer Bradley is rather great but still!). A great crash thing in all things Sky and the state of pop music in general. A tad long winded but well worth a look!

2: Full of Sex and the City Wonder

You may have seen the video of every "Fabulous" every featured in Sex and the City that was knocking around during the week. It's sister video is even better, using my favourite Carrie phrase "I couldn't help but wonder". Highlights just how often Ms Bradshaw wondered, pondered or just had a little think throughout the series.

3: thisispopbaby does Electric Picnic

If you've been to Electric Picnic the last few years then no doubt you visited the rather amazing thisispopbaby tent at some point on your travels. A veritable whirlwind of performance art, drag queens, musical guests and a whole lot more beside they offer a bevy of suitably crazy festival entertainment. This year's lineup was announced today. The obvious standout is the acoustic performance by Robyn (HOW EXCITING) but there is loads more to enjoy from a new Panti show and the revival of thisispopbaby's already well received performance art club WERK. Electric Picnic just got even more exciting! For the full lineup head on over to the thisispopbaby website

4: Alphabeat Live the Video Life on the Road

Speaking of Robyn, her recent video for new single Hang With Me is a beautifully shot slice of documentary style footage and endearing Robyn looks. Not to be outdone Danish popsters Alphabeat have released a similar video for Heat Wave another gem from their underappreciated second album. Focussing more on a live show than the Robyn video it's just as charming and I can't help but want to see more popstar videos like this.  A genuinely great pop video that revels in it's simplicity.

5: Girlicious Party Until 2 in the Morning

Briefly: Girlicious were formed on a TV show as a new Pussycat Dolls style group but "more urban". Their music tanked outside of Canada where they managed a batch of hits and a surprisingly decent debut album. Despite losing a member the girls recently signed a new Canadian record deal. That resulted in Maniac an addictive slice of throwaway pop that should have been huge over here. They've just dropped a new track called 2 in the Morning. It's disposable and tongue in cheek and buckets of fun. A thumping run around the dancefloor, it samples ATC'S Around the World (remember that?) and will lodge in your head for at least the next 24 hours. Great fun.

6: Chloe Explained

If you haven't caught comedian Drew Droege's amazing video blogs as his own wacky version of Chloe Sevigny then do so immediately. This interview is a great insight into how take came about, like the best impressions it takes enough of what we know about a person and adds plenty more. A sharp little piece, it only makes video like this gem below even better:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Milk It, Less Than A Week To Go Till Milk Fest.

Right so this year's Milk festival is less than a week away. All involved have done a stellar job at getting the word out in various corners of the gay press from Ireland AM to the Irish Times and even with headliner Roisin Murphy getting front covers with The Dubliner and GCN.

Milk themselves are doing the interactive, building online buzz bit with aplomb too. Their Facebook has been great for getting updates and I've been thoroughly enjoying their Twitter too which has been a good mix of updates, mentions and links to gay news stories worldwide.

With that in mind, here are my top ten reasons to be excited about Milk. With a line up that manages to mix a decent batch of popstars (people can gripe all they want but Alexandra Burke and Sophie Ellis Bextor are damn good at what they do, however "uncredible" they might be), up and coming Irish talent and DJs and performers from various parts of the gay scene.

Top Ten Reasons To Be Excited About Milk (in no particular order!)

1: Roisin Murphy's DJ set: Well look, you don't need me to tell you that Roisin Murphy is amazing. That voice, that fashion sense, that effortless mix of theatrics and ice queen cool mean Roisin is a unique and powerful musical force and one with an unsurprisingly loyal gay following . Roisin is currently developing a DJ set cum live show that should see her tour a leaner production, matching her new way of releasing individual tracks instead of an album. In an age when many artists sign high profile "360 degree" deals to cover touring and recording that do nothing, Roisin's approach is refreshing, practical and a joy to watch unfold. She has "highlight of Milk" already in her glamourous hands and come Sunday morning I'm sure everyone will be gabbing about Miss Murphy.

2: Panti as the MC: Anyone who has seen Panti in all her glory either at her weekly shows, on her must read blog or when she brings her energy to Electric Picnic knows that she is a whirlwind of humour, intelligence and full on glamour (as is her partner in crime Veda who will be playing a set at the festival). Having recently hosted a radio show, performed another successful one woman show and generally just worked her glamourous behind off it'll be great to catch Panti holding court over a gaggle of party-hearty gays.

3: 5,000 gays in a field: Speaking of gays I do think that one of the best things about this festival is going to be the very fact that it's core audience is The Gays (my catch all affectionate term term for any and all in the LGBTQ community) and whatever niche gay term you're throwing around (hello bears! Hiya twinks! What's the story indie gays?) I think we can all agree that Le Gays know how to party and generally have more craic than 99% of other people. Therefore 5,000 of them bopping around a festival for 24 hours is going to be craic-tastic.

4: Bunny's The Hutch: I'm hearing reports that drag doyenne Bunny will be bringing her new weekly show The Hutch to Milk (just one example of the raft of exciting gay talent that is heading festival ward for the weekend). The Hutch has been pulling the punters in a big way since it launched one fateful Tuesday in Pantibar a couple of months back and it's easy to see why the electic mix of burlesque, boylesque (oh yes!), drag, cabaret and performance art has been such a hit already. Having sampled The Hutch recently I'm very excited to see what Bunny has up her sleeve for Milk.

5: The Venue: Having spent the weekend at Ballinlough Castle in Westmeath for Body and Soul earlier this year, I can't recommend it enough as a festival location. Gorgeous surroundings, perfect for camping and camping it up (what? you didn't think I'd make that joke?) if the weather is as good as it's reported to be the place is going to be a proper slice of gay heaven.

6: Bitches With Wolves: My love for this Dublin electro pop act is well known at this stage but following the storming show I caught by BWW at the Academy 2 earlier this year and well recieved slots at both Oxegen and Lovebox, it's exciting to think what new surprises Bitches With Wolves have up their sleeve for the Milk crowd.

7: Headphone Disco With Mother: GCN's electro pop club night has been going down a storm on the gay club scene for the last few months and with good reason. Sweaty, thumping good fun with some of the best DJs in Dublin serving an eclectic mix of tunes, it's become a much talked about and must visit night. The Mother crew are Milk bound to serve up a headphone disco (if you haven't been to one, you haven't LIVED) which will see numerous Dublin DJs go head to head in a pop vs electro showdown. Running from 1:30 am to 6am when the performers have scurried off, you just know this is going to be the craziest part of the festival. And that is a good thing.

8: Alexandara Burke: People like to roll their eyes at X Factor starlets but by God does Alexandra put them in her place. She's got a great voice, looks a million dollars and bristles with a natural stage presence that only the best pop stars provide. Not only that but she's had a batch of hits from a highly enjoyable debut album. Sadly, we don't think she's going to have a meltdown on stage like that time with Beyonce on X Factor but we can dream!

9: Sophie Ellis Bextor: You kind of forget that since THAT dance tune in 2001 that SEB has racked up some big hits, some should have been big hits and become a cult figure for pop fans. From recent collabs with Freemasons, to being the face of Rimmel Sophie has done it all with a grace and style many big time pop tarts lack. Her set is going to be great fun and hopefully a chance to hear some of the new material. Not least her new track with Armin Van Buren:

10: Katherine Lynch: A comedian/TV star who grafted on the gay scene before winning over the Irish public with several hit TV series and a sell out live tour Katherine Lynch will no doubt mix her bawdy humour and cheeky reworkings of hit songs to full effect. I'm a big fan of Katherine's cheeky, ribald humour and its going to be fun seeing her make her original fans belly laugh their way through Milk Fest.

There you go, if you didn't want to buy tickets before you sure will now! For more info on Milk check out their official website. The festival runs this Saturday, with free camping in the rather lovely surroundings of Ballinglough Castle, Co. Westmeath.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cher and Christina Aguilera Unveil Trashtasic "Burlesque" Trailer

Like every pop-trash-culture addict worth their salt I have been eagerly awaiting the release of musical drama Burlesque which sees Cher return to the big screen, Christina Aguilera maker her acting debut and a host of other stars (including my fave Kristen Bell) plonk around in the background and wonder how much time Cher spends in the make up chair every morning (conservative estimates would say 6 hours).

Finally a proper trailer has made it online and it does look pretty spectacular. Christina is Allie, the small town girl who heads to the big smoke and ends up performing in the local burlesque club. Cher is the sassy but classy runner of the club who puts Xtina in her place. And Stanley Tucci just turns up and re-enacts his role in the Devil Wears Prada. And that's no bad thing. Check out Kristen Bell's scary dark wig too:

Burlesque hits our shores in December and I cannot wait!

Diana Vickers Chats With Me at Oxegen 2010

More Oxegen interview madness coming your way! I met up with X Factor starlet and all round cutie Diana Vickers for a quick chat on the 3rd day of Oxegen 2010. We grabbed ice cream and had a quick natter about her live show and her most recent video. Diana was a total sweetheart, really down to earth and unphased by the Oxegen hustle and bustle. I could have happily eaten ice cream with her all day but she was whisked off for more press ahead of her well received show in the Heineken Green Spheres tent. Check out the interview below and visit IMTV for more Oxegen goodies:

Step Up 3D: More fun than you can shake 3D Dance Stick at

You may have caught my over-excited ramblings about Step Up 3D in the last few days. Well the fun doesn't stop there. Having seen the film on Tuesday here are my thoughts on the film which I have to say was tremendous amounts of fun.

The plot (such as there is) follows Moose, the skinny dance whizz from Step Up 2 as he moves to college to stop dancing (as per his parents request) and knuckle down to the books with best friend Camille. BUT it's only a matter of minutes before Moose is taken by dance teacher/mentor/would-be filmmaker/handsome leading man Luke whose nightclub cum dance studio is a crash pad for a rag tag crew of dance champions.

They're preparing for a huge dance competition with a hefty prize that'll keep their space in the right hands. Why they don't just enter America's Best Dance Crew I don't know... Anyway Natalie (played by her that was Cassie in Home & Away if you're into that sort of thing) also crops up as love interest/leading lady/dramatic foil who is another dancer that Luke takes under his wing and may have a bit of a thing for (it wouldn't be Step Up without some romance would it?).

That's the boring plot bit out of the way. What would you need to know is that it's wall to wall dance sequences (YES!), doesn't waste too much time on boring romance (YES!) and is actually in proper "dancers limbs popping out of the screen" 3D. And is loads of fun. The pace of the musical sequences is non stop and they give the film a sense of flair and enjoyment that reminds you why nothing screams "popcorn movie brilliance" quite like a good dance movie.

5 things I loved about Step Up 3D:

(1) The WALL of boomboxes the dancers use for their music. A completely impractical waste of electricity but amazing nonetheless.

(2) The following line : "We can go anywhere, we can go to California"

(3) Someone giving a character a heartfelt speech while dressed in an Olsen Twins costume (HONESTLY)

(4) Cloud Campos one of Madonna's best ever dancers (who fans will remember from the Re-Invention Tour and The Conefessions Tour) turning up in a supporting role

(5) The soundtrack, it's wall to wall pop/hip hop/electro heaven. Even this tune, one of my fave dance tunes of the last year turns up:

In conclusion this film is buckets of fun and will happily fill the dance film shaped hole in your life. Another fun moment at the screening was this video of a Irish hip hop dancers which was played for them on the big screen at the Savoy, they were only delighted:

Step Up 3D is out tomorrow and the (AMAZING) soundtrack is also available now. Thanks to Simply Zesty for the tickets and to Eimear for the good company!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EXCITEMENT ALERT: MTV VMA 2010 Nominations are in

I'm not going to lose the run of myself and rant on about how OBSESSED I am with the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAS) but suffice to say they are one of my favourite pop culture events of any given year. Last year's ceremony in particular was great stuff. Plenty of big performances, lots of great videos winning it was a perfect storm of a great year for both big music videos and big popstars making for one endlessly enjoyable awards show.

With that in mind it's fun to look through the list of nominations today. Lady Gaga is clearing slaying the competition already with her record breaking 13 nominations, Florence and the Machine have managed to sneak into the Video of the Year category (I'm not sure how given that all of her videos have been a bit blah) and the new artist category should be an interesting mud slinging between Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber while Broken Bells look on somewhat bemused to be in their category.

It's a neat reminder of how big music videos have gotten again that there are plenty of heavy hitters across the nominations. Obviously Gaga's Telephone and Bad Romance have eaten up online attention the last 12 months but Eminem, Jay Z and B.O.B. are likely to offer up some competition too. The full list, which is exhaustive, can be found here. It's well worth a look not leats for the non award show technical categories which are a neat reminder of the level of work that goes into these productions.

In the mean time I await the full show with baited breath. SO. EXCITED. The official site is pretty kick ass too. I'm actually feeling faint just looking at it. In a good way.

Ke$ha's Ode To Drag Queens Finally Gets A Video

As if one drag inspired pop video wasn't enough! Ke$ha's current single Take It Off (my hands down favourite on her trash-tastic debut album) has been floating around for awhile. She has discussed how the track is inspired by fierce drag queens so I awaited a tranny fierce music video with baited breath.

But alas the video that leaked online today features not one drag queen! What a disgrace! Still there is plenty to like in the Paul Hunter directed clip. Ke$ha looks great, it's amazing what a bit of hair straightening will do to make a girl scrub up well. There's some neat FX (though none as effective as the last video) but ultimately nothing really happens. Where is the basement dance party with everyone "taking if off". Where is the actual dance routine? WHERE ARE THE TRANNIES?

This video looks great and does the job and I'm sure the song will do little to hamper Ke$ha's chart run (which has included each single shifting over a million copies each Stateside!) but next time we'd like a little more attention paid to the lyrical content of the track Missus!

Veda Unveils A New Video

Dublin drag superstar Veda released her album Stars Edge last year and got tongues wagging about it's top quality mix of synths, hooks and saucy lyrics. The kind of assured electro pop you just don't hear coming out of Dublin enough Stars Edge is packed to the brim with potential singles like all the best pop albums.

The single Miss You Much was serviced to iTunes with some spot on remixes a couple of months back and now the video is with us. And what a treat it is. I'd seen a rough cut a few months thanks to Jessie Ward who was working on the project and at the time was really impressed with it. I still feel the same. Shot on a shoestring, you'd never guess by looking at the piece which is glossy and slick but also genuinely beautiful too. It's a simple set up but given a beautifully filtered feel so that it has a hazy, glitter-y feel perfectly suited to the track.

Check out the video, directed by Paul Rowley, below. Stars Edge is on iTunes now and you should be able to nab physical copies in Tower Records and HMV if you're lucky. The Miss You Much remix EP is also on iTunes now. Veda meanwhile will be playing a slot at the upcoming Milk festival which I am more than a little bit excited about!