Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M.I.A & Katy Perry Unveil 2 Very Different Videos

2 very different popstars and 2 different videos have come our way in the last day or two. Both are amazing in their own way but for completely different reasons.

First up we have M.I.A's video for XXXO. A slick mixture of clip art, alluring looks and sense of danger perfectly befitting the warped pop of Rusko's production it's a hypnotic peiece of work that demands repeat listens. It's also a perfect visual summation of the imagery M.I.A. has been using this album, dense layers of tacky web graphics and sharp colours. Great stuff.

Katy Perry meanwhile releases the video for Teenage Dream, the title track on her second album. Like California Gurls this is supremely catchy pop gold, with a heartfelt soaring chorus that will soundtrack a million high school proms. The video is fairly standard stuff enlivened by some knowing racy moments and a male model who'd clearly make even Russell Brand feel insecure. 

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream from DeJacoby on Vimeo.

The track itself is part of the masterplan to make Katy Perry an even bigger pop force, as evidenced by her recent Billboard magazine cover story. Other tracks from the record are being added to US iTunes a teaser including the lovely Not Like the Movies and the aggressive Circle The DrainTeenage Dream meanwhile is filled with the just amount right of longing that befits it's title and gives it a charm some of recent Dr Luke/Max Martin work has lacked. And this video is a little less hard on the eyes compared to the candy cane overload of California Gurls. This interview with Bonnie McKee who co-wrote the track with Perry is also worth a look, as the process of piecing another hit track together comes to life.

M.I.A.'s second album MAYA is out now, while Katy Perry's album Teenage Dream is released here on the 30th of August.

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