Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Loca Loca : Putting Shakira On Repeat

Well, well, after a string of posts happening in quick succession I've let the oul' blog fall by the wayside. Just finished shooting a new TV3 show I was producing on that ate up all of my free time. I got through thanks to much crew related laughs and large doses of 90210 Season 2. Sigh. I'll talk about the show closer to the air date but for now please note this song which was buried in my head for the duration of my shoot this month.

Ladies and gentleman I give you Loca by Shakira. The lead single of her forthcoming album Sale El Sol released later this month. it's a slightly by the numbers but extremely addictive bit of summer-y pop. I'm not quite sure why the decision was made to give up on the rather excellent She Wolf album so quickly but if it means we get to see Shakira and Dizzee Rascal enjoy a musical team up then who am I to complain?

Strangely the structure of the English version is different to the Spanish take and is actually a vast improvement. Shakira is a busy girl though with a new album due this month, a fragrance and a tour that comes to Dublin in December (which I must. have. tickets. for.) and I'm sure a million other things we're not even aware of. All that aside, it's hard to deny the nagging hook and sass of Loca and it looks set to be quite a hit for Miss Shakira, even if it doesn't quite scale the loft-y heights of She Wolf.

AND doesn't the video look gas? Shakira flipping those Britney circa 2001 extensions around while being chased by members of the public and turning up to shake her jelly in random places. It looks suitably bonkers. Well played Shakira. Well played.

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