Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wynter Gordon takes her "Dirty Talk" to the clubs

I mentioned the rather fabulous Wynter Gordon and her track Dirty Talk on here awhile back. And since then she's announced that is to be released officially as a single with an album "With The Music I Die.." ( the title according to a flier on her official site) to follow later this year.

This is of course great news, I've been playing Dirty Talk loads in the last few months. It is basically Madonna's "Celebration" with a shopping list of sex positions/places/situations in place of lyrics and getting up and dancing. Not only that but it means we finally get to a Wynter Gordon logo, as evidenced on the single artwork below:


The song already sounds quite club ready but there are some remixes on the way. Not least one from remixer du jour Laidback Luke whose already done remixes for Daft Punk, David Guetta (his reswizz of When Love Takes Over will be familiar to anyone who was out in a club in some shape or form in the last 12 months), Black Eyed Peas (click here to hear him rescue I Got A Feeling from the land of the terminally overplayed) and Calvin Harris. His mix is a potent jumble of rave-y synths and full on electro bleeps and will only help this song become the club juggernaut it needs to be.

The best evidence of just how monstrous this mix can be seen in the video below. It features Laidback Luke himself playing the mix in one of his sets. The first time I watched this I thought it was somebody filming a cute guy singing along to the track and loved the idea that this was the lone Wynter fan in the crowd. Then I realised this was in fact Laidback Luke going crazy to his own mix. Which makes more sense.

Dirty Talk is a surprising start for an artist who seems to be more as soulful/intense sort but a girl's got to start off somewhere. Still it should be an effective launch pad for one of the most talented internet buzz artists in awhile and at the very least allow to snag some slots writing for high profile artists. Needless to say, it's all very exciting.

And just for fun I've put the original version of Dirty Talk and Madge's Celebration beside each other so you can play them back to back and revel in the pop meets Ibiza house meets divas in battle glory. Enjoy!

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