Monday, March 22, 2010

Robyn Rolls Back Around Part II : "Fembot" in Full

I've already mentioned the new Robyn track last week. Fembot was put up on her official as a further teaser for more pop amazingness later on in the year. What a great excuse to post a lovely picture of her, (which I by no means robbed from Pitchfork. Ahem).:

The track leaked in full and while I certainly wouldn't condone listening to the final version in a less than illegal manner (tut tut iLeaks, ahem) I would point out that the full thing is every bit as amazing as the preview. From the judder-y hip hop beat to that lodge in the head hook, it's that pefect pop moment where everything you love about an artist is maintained but you still get to hear something fresh. You can't help but feel Robyn really crafts her sound and with all this new music coming from her this year we can only imagine. 

On the subject of random Robyn things, this remains one of my favourite tracks on that rather fabulous self titled album:

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