Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Robyn Rolls Back Around: New Track Preview Hits Website

Following news that she was preparing three new albums for release this year (THREE!) Robyn set pop fans heart alight. Having milked her fantastic self titled album for five years across the world she has built up a diverse fanbase and scored herself a UK number one in the process.

A video from a documentary on the Swedish star leaked last week with some new song snippets throughout, all of which sound suitably amazing (get more on the video here)

And now Robyn has posted a new track preview on her official site, entitled Fembot. With the killer opening line "I've got news for you/fembots have feelings too" it feels like typical Robyn but with enough advancements to suggest fresh ideas abound. Immediate chorus, jittery production, layers of attitude with that typically sweet but deliberate vocal delivery, it's a charming slice of pop. This is yet another exciting teaser for the return of one of pop music's most interesting figures.

See for the preview. Cannot wait to hear more! Pitchfork also has an interview with her too, give it a look

Reboot/ Rock the Nation

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