Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

It's Lady Gaga's 24th birthday today. Hard to believe how ridiculously young she still is and the  amount of things she's already achieved. From bestselling albums to eye popping videos and a handful of tours under her belt her work ethic is putting every other popstar out there to shame. Maybe Gaga will have a slice of this for her birthday:

(found this on Flickr here by the way)

Below is a video of Miss Gaga having Happy Birthday sung to her by backing singers/dancers in Australia last night. I love when celebrities get Happy Birthday sung to them. It's always so ridiculous and overblown. (Video spotted on, my fave Gaga fansite)

Here's hoping the Lady takes time out of her busy schedule of wearing outrageous outfits, being provocative and constantly touring to you know, kick back and relish another year passing in her life. In honour of the Lady herself, her is what is still one of my favourite Gaga videos Lovegame

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