Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Blog: An Open Letter

Dear Blog,

It's been awhile hasn't it? A week almost. I know it's been a bit patchy between us but I do care. I do. I've just been doing other things that have meant we've been missing out on our quality time.

Don't believe me? Well there is the small matter of Venntertainment, the other blog I write for. Yeah I know. I'm not betraying you, just keeping my options open. Because they've been kind enough to ask me to host a radio show I've been following up some of the show pieces on the blog.  So if you want to know how to brave Chat Roulette, make money as a musician, what should happen at awards shows (but doesn't), ways the internet could ruin your life or what celebs would be amazing to have tweet

Maybe you haven't heard the show but that's OK, if you click here you can catch up on all the podcasts so far. I mention you alot, isn't that one way of showing I care?

But don't worry I've done other stuff too, not least upload videos of me interviewing popstar types at the Meteors:

While also Live tweeting for IMTV at the Choice Music Prize, and also rehearsing for two (TWO plays) among other things. Not only that but I was on Spin 103.8 at the weekend talking about Marina and the Diamonds and Sugababes and filmed the lovely Sinead Ni Bhurda interviewing Ocean Colour Scene and Two Door Cinema Club for IMTV. Did I mention I finally finished the first season of 90210? It's been a crazy week.

So you see dear blog, I'm super busy but I'm going to give you a bit more time, I promise. So while I try and hunt down some dirt for you this week I'll also be doing the DJ thing (for both C U Next Tuesday and Come As Soon As You Hear) and attempting to soak up as much pop culture as possible.

Love ya blog,


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  1. I LOVE your BLOG so very, very much. :) Pop culture is a total passion of mine and though my blog is not focused solely on it, it is an underlying influence. 90210 is great, isn't it? Total classic.

    stop by sometime if you'd like...

    have a fabulous day.