Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wonderful World of Wynter Gordon

Wynter Gordon came to the attention of eager pop fans at the start of last year when Popjustice mentioned her still-sounds-brilliant pop gem "Surveillance". It seemed to be a sure fire winner in the "best singles of 2008" lists but the track was never properly released and Wynter has yet to release her own material. She has built her own profile slowly but surely with new tracks and demos for other artists (including Jennifer Lopez whose new album features a number of tracks co written by Wynter) as well as guesting on Flo Rida's hit "Sugar" and a track on David Guetta's "One Love" ("Toyfriend" one of the highlights).

I've been keeping an eye on her stuff on and off and found this leaked track today (which seems to be knocking about for the last few weeks). A sprightly piece of club pop (produced by David Guetta allegedly though I'm not sure if that is true), not unlike "Celebration" by Madonna, "Dirty Talk" feels like a track that would sound very good blasting out of the radio and even better on a sweaty dancefloor. I'm not sure why Wynter hasn't taken off yet but I hope 2010 finally gets to be her year.

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