Saturday, March 27, 2010

GCN Music Column and a Sharp Shock to your Tuesday night

For some reason, I’ve yet to properly mention GCN and my work writing their music column every month. Whoops! Bearing that in mind, check out their latest issue online here, the recent redesign looks amazing on full screen I must say. And don't forget to contribute to their GCN Forever campaign to keep the magazine going as a community resource in this harsh times for print media.

I’m particularly happy with this month’s music column. With Usher, Diana Vickers, Bitches With Wolves, Marina and the Diamonds and Ellie Goulding getting a mention (to name a few) it’s a typically poptastic mix of artists.

This month’s cover feature is great too, a look at the forthcoming documentary Growing Up Gay which airs this month on RTE. The cover was shot by my friend Peter Fingleton, who some of you may know for his photography, blogging or Djing (how does he do it all?). 

Speaking of photography Peter launches his website Sharp Shock on Tuesday March 30th at Tripod’s Chocolate Bar from 8pm . Peter excels at amazing club photography and the thoughts of having a place online where I can check out his pictures like I Can Teach You How To Do It excites me no end.

The launch of Sharp Shock is also sponsored by Absolut so will include some cocktails (Yes!) for those who get there early. Of course this will all be followed by another night of madness at C U Next Tuesday the club night Peter co-promotes there each week. It will be bonkers (guaranteed) and will include a guest slot from Joey and Eimear who know a thing or two about turning a room out during a DJ set.

So in short, read this month’s GCN, have a little nap then hit the launch/subsequent party on Tuesday at Chocolate Bar. One way to get the week off to a good start!

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