Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Open Letter To Katy Perry Re: American Idol Guest Judge Spot

Dear Katy Perry,

I know that not too long ago I made fun of your work with Timbaland. Because I found your appearance in the video hilarious as you mugged you way through the whole enterprise like a true fool. "What a fool" I said to myself as you jigged around with Timbo and then sat around with ridiculous sunglasses on. I may find your Betty Boo/30s film star look a tad cliched, am convinced you will have your heart broken by Russell "I'm a sex addict 4eva" Brand and am not sure how good your voice actually is BUT you have won my respect.

Because when you guest judged on American Idol you did something nobody else has done on these shows. You reminded us that it is about talent not sob stories. Below watch Katy remind a rather earnest Kara Dioguardi that the show "isn't a lifetime movie". Thank you Katy. If I had to sit through another "my dog died pllleeeaasseee let me in" moments I was going to scream.

Also I like that you aren't afraid to talk back and not worry about being seen as bitchy. Given that Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole are put down as fierce rivals just because they are women sitting at the same table at least you aren't afraid to talk Kara out of her ridiculous moments.

Nicely played. If they could have you and Paula Abdul as judges on The X Factor USA I'd be quite happy. If you could sort that out it could be great.

lots of love and growing admiration,


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