Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avril Lavigne Returns With A Little Help From Tim Burton and "Alice"

Awhile back an e-mail came my way about the forthcoming Almost Alice soundtrack for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland feature. It's your usual "music inspired the film" effort with a interesting if slightly crazy mix of bands. I never thought I'd see the day Franz Ferdinand, 30H!3, Wolfmother and Metro Station would share the same tracklisting but there you go. I've a have a feeling that the younger Burton fans are going to love this and will serve as a neat pop/rock companion piece to Danny Elfman's score. 

Also included on the soundtrack is Avril Lavigne, my reason for remembering this e-mail and posting here in the first place. You can laugh all you want but I've always had a soft spot for her music, always enjoyable pop with great choruses even if her perma-brat act has really started to wear thin. Avril's song for the film Alice (Groundbreaking title alert) is her first release since her last album The Best Damn Thing was released in 2007 (I know, it really only feels like yesterday since "Gilfriend" was everywhere doesn't it?). In much the same way as Keep Holding On for the movie Eragon teased new Avril material, this looks set to do the same. The album doesn't have a set release date (having being moved from the initial November one set last year) but will likely surface soon. Given that this album was written in more of an acoustic style, a contrast to the shamelesly upbeat tone of the last album and Lavigne divorced Sum 41 Deryck Whibley this sounds like it could be a more serious release. Billboard discuss it in their roundup of forthcoming albums for 2010 here

So what about the Alice track? Well it certainly sounds a bit different though I'm hard pushed to figure out if it's in fact any good. It sounds a bit moody in places but it's also marred by rather inane lyrics which is fast becoming Ms Lavigne's trademark. There is a nice lilt in her voice on the chorus but the whole thing falls a bit flat. This one might be a grower but feels more like your usual soundtrack effort. Pleasant but not earth shattering and with a strong air of "the album has the big songs, don't worry" about it.

Still don't be afraid to decide for yourself. Avril's website has the single up to stream right now and if you want to find out more about Almost Alice (I'm sure some of you want to indulge your inner teen emo.) then click here.

Personally I'm still waiting for her to top this:

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  1. It's VERY shouty, in a hilarious way, and it doesn't seem like there's much to it but it might grow on me after everyone else has liked it and moved on, which is what usually happens with me and Avril Lavigne songs.