Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Tina Fey as Clever as She Thinks She Is?

I really do love Tina Fey. She was always Queen of the Funny when she did SNL and the fact she has taken on starring in/producing/writing 30 Rock one of the most consistently funny sitcoms around gives her endless cred in my book. But I can't help but watch this video of her at the SAG awards this week and be a bit miffed: 

It's floating around online today, where I spotted it on Panti's Blog. It's the usual red carpet rubbish. "You look fabulous/who are you wearing" except Tina gets her strop on at the start and asks host Giuliana Rancic if she was one of the people who made fun of her previous outfits. It becomes an odd moment. Tina is obviously annoyed for the fact that she was made fun of and there is a whiff of "I'm above this nonsense" about Tina. Giuliana plays it cool, noting that she did make fun but only because it was because the previous dress didn't do anything for her unlike her current getup (I'd say that she's right but check out both looks here and here).

I don't for a second view the red carpet coverage at E! as particularly worthy journalism. And I certainly see nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with these rather tedious interviews. But am I the only one who think Tina comes off as a bit of a tool in this? If she is really that above this sort of thing then why do the interview? She clearly does it to plug her forthcoming film, but her attitude stinks if she honestly thinks she's above this kind of coverage. Don't bother doing this kind of press if it's above you. Because it makes you come across worse as a result.

The way Tina plays it as a joke makes it even more mean spirited. There's a whiff of the "I've achieved all this and you still make me feel like shit so I'm going to retaliate" about it all.Which is a shame. It'd be very easy to side with Tina. Who isn't super skinny, who doesn't conform to Hollywood stereotypes in alot of ways.

But at the same time if Tina is really worth her salt as a writer/performer and as above this carry on like she seems to think then she should either not do it or just be polite and get it over with. Also she is ten times funnier than barbed insults at people whose job it is to ask inane questions. And besides she still got all dolled up, turned up at the award show and wanted to plug her TV show and her movie. So she's as much as part of the system as anyone else.

But that's just me.

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