Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goldfrapp Rocket Themselves Back Down The Disco

I wasn't entirely surprised when Goldfrapp promised a more upbeat direction with their new album Head First, due for release in March. The last effort, the sublime Seventh Tree was a deep and rewarding release but one that seemed like a brief turn to something softer. On the basis of their new single Rocket they've return to a more upbeat place with their music. But this time it's one dressed up in new-disco shine.

Unlike the slinky synths and sexuality of Black Cherry and Supernature, Rocket suggests a more playful side to Goldfrapp. It doesn't have the immediate hit of Oooh La La but it has a shimmer-y, sunshine feel and a deceptively catchy chorus.

Why it really works too is how it sounds utterly Goldfrapp but still fresh. That knack for continued growth has served this group really well and you can't help but be just the teeny bit excited about what else Alison and Will have up their sleeve.

Charming, catchy and utterly likeable this has all the hallmarks of a sizeable hit. And you can't help but feel the remixes of this one are going to be killer.

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