Monday, February 1, 2010

AMAZING Jedward Video Alert!

I love the new Jedward single. As in, LOVE it. Not ironically. Not in a "oh dear it's awful but I can't stop" way. I just love it. It makes me smile. I think this might become a song I can put on whatever happens in my life and I will smile.

They're all over the place and at this stage you've probably seen their appearance on Johnathan Ross. If not watch it immediately it is comedy gold. I also love their big blow out performance from the National Television Awards awhile back. Stellar.

But in anticipation of the release of their new single the boys are all over Twitter. Where they just released this video which is basically an extended ad for why you should buy the single. Not that I needed convincing!

It is priceless. I like the before and after moments delivered in that still brilliant faux American Irish teenager accent, the "on air, on air" bit clearly filmed on the hop in some radio station and the bit at the end where they break character to discuss air conditioning. And the fades! Stunning. If only they'd used star wipes.

Enjoy, this feels like a glorious moment in pop culture history. I'll be telling the young folk about these two for years to come:

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