Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amazing Book Alert: Kelly Cutrone Becomes An Author

I'm quite delighted that I can write about Kelly Cutrone twice within the space of a week. While I was out the other night a rather excited Eimear (of The Miseducation, one of my favourite blogs) informed that she'd pre-ordered a copy of Kelly's book. This was news to me so today I had to dig around a bit more. It was actually announced in March of last year (see here and here) and sounds quite exciting. "A real girl's guide to the real fucking world" apparently. Brilliant.

To be honest I was sold on that much and then I saw the title and the front cover. Then... I was truly sold:

I love it all. That title! THAT TITLE! "If you have to cry, go outside" is my new catchphrase. And yes my mother never told me that. Thanks for nothing mom. I love the uber airbrushed cover picture that is equal parts sligthly scary headmistress, big sister and ball busting PR maven. Amazing times one billion.

I cannot wait to read this. Either by stealing Eimear's copy (I'm sorry, I meant borrow) or you know forking out for a copy myself.

You can order a copy here. And may this first post of a literary nature lead to many more insightful book posts on Pop Culture Platinum. You know, should Lindsay Lohan release a book or something. 

That's all readers.


Oh, I think that is definitely going to catch on.

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