Monday, January 18, 2010

Katy Perry and Timbaland Bring The Ridiculous

Remember when Timbaland was HER-UGE awhile back? You couldn't escape him, he was all over the radio like a bad rash. Between his production work and his own hugely successful album "Shock Value" he took his unique style and made it sound rather boring. Nice one Timbaland. (It didn't help that his protege Danja went and generally outshined him with gems like "Gimme More" for Britney. What a burn.)

Still Timbo managed a return to the charts last year with "Shock Value 2" and it hasn't quite reached the same heights chart wise as his previous efforts.That hasn't stopped him rolling on with the next single from the album featuring Miss Katy Perry.
That's right,




I don't know what I love more, the fact that Timbaland and Katy are literally playing out that "Do you come here often" bit through the medium of popular song or them acting all pally-wally throughout the video (what japes they seem to be having. what japes). Also the storyline is so ridiculous although not quite as bad as the last Timbaland video, which was in fact a short film about vampires.

I really love pop music sometimes! You wouldn't see Kasabian doing this sorta shit.


  1. I kinda despise Katy Perry. I'm really not able for her.

  2. I can't make my mind up.

    On one hand: Hot N Cold and a willingness to poke fun at herself.

    On the other hand: everything else.