Friday, September 18, 2009

Madonna, Felix Da Housecat and Fashion Photography

Today saw the release of Madonna’s new Greatest hits compilation “Celebration” in various parts of Europe. With the album now leaking online and readying itself for release across the world within in the next few days the hype has kicked in as Warner’s pimp out the M back catalogue for what I’m sure won’t be the last time. Looking at how things have gone with the

campaign got me thinking about various things, that seemed apt to discuss as the album takes off worldwide.

Along with the recently released video for “Celebration”, a new cut was unveiled this week. It still uses the Benny Benassi remix but this time alongside Madonna we see plenty of fans (many

of whom make a complete tit of themselves. There, I said it.) and Lourdes in the Like A Virgin wedding dress, following in her mother’s footsteps, future popstar blah blah blah.

Soon to come too is a double DVD of Madonna videos, which will have many a super fan all in a lather. I do love the coverart for the DVD, my favourite of the images presented in this campaign so far (image via MadonnaTribe) :

Anyway the roundabout reason for this post is a thought that occurred to me awhile back while watching the new Felix Da Housecat video, which feels like what Celebration should have looked like:

Both videos are aiming for “sweaty, sexy, people gyrate to some dance music” as a vibe but only one of them really gets it right. And it ain’t Madonna. Both videos feel like riffs on the hip people partying vibe portrayed by photographers on sites like I Can Teach You How To Do It and its Irish equivalent (I think anyway, I’m sure some would say it’s a bit classier) Can’t Leave Now. Off the cuff photos of the fashion/music/hipster types getting on down in various situations is always fascinating to me and its interesting to imagine what would have happened if Madonna had done something more like the Felix track in terms of visuals. Just a thought.

There are photos of one of Madonna’s recent shows in Europe on I Can Teach You How To Do It funnily enough which is my reason for this post, how all these seemingly separate pieces of popular culture all rub off each other. And isn’t that a more interesting thought than just musing over the (bit patchy if I’m being honest) new material on the new Madonna best of?

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