Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Madonna: Celebration, The Video: More Crotch Thrusting Than You'll Know What To Do With Do With

Madonna has unleashed the new video for "Celebration" after multiple online teasers the last few weeks.

I like the video although I don't love it (yet). The general concept, everybody dancing and being ker-azy is fine and its hard to fault Madonna rocking a fashion forward Balmain dress with big shoulders and those (rather fug) Diorette shades. And Lourdes steals the show for a few seconds with her Yoga For Teens moves. The dancing is also suitably kick ass, which is always nice.


I kind of wish Madonna would try the softer tack. I like her brash, unapolgetic "I'm hot, I'm sexy, I have the best body you've ever seen" schtick because it has an air of attitude and balls about that is very Madonna. But also its becoming old. She's been rocking this style in different variations for ages so it'd be nice to see Madonna try a little less hard. When you see Madonna de-wigged and enjoying the moment in the crowd with her dancers in the final scenes she looks ten times better. The best Madonna has looked in ages is still the scene in the Hung Up video where she struts down the street in jeans and a leather jacket. I was hoping that the video would reflect the single cover, a simple, stripped down Madonna letting herself go and being in the music. I want to see Madonna tap into that simplicity for the next release. It'd be an interesting change of tack.

and another thing...

As much as I like the Benassi take on this tune, it would be nice to have seen the single edit get the video treatment. just saying.

The video is tricky to stream right now. If you are in the US get to iTunes sharpish for your free download. Not sure if this works outside of Ireland:


  1. i love love love the editing of the video, and she looks majorly hot, but i totally agree with you, she hasn't shocked me in a loonnggg long time!
    i'd be shocked if she did something low-key. it would be a nice surprise, to be honest.

    where did i meet you et EP?
    you weren't at the merch stall at lucent dossier by any chance, were you?
    i wrote my url on a few people, i think!

    loving your blog too, the writing is very engaging, which is something i can't say about my own!

  2. oh wait, just saw your photo, it's you, from the equality tent!