Thursday, September 10, 2009

La Clique Light Up The Speigeltent

I ended up heading to the preview performance by La Clique at the Speigeltent this week and was suitably blown away. Its La Clique final year performing in Dublin so it really is your last chance to experience their show. And what a show it is. A heady mix of humour, physicality, sexual energy and the offbeat it’s a unique experience. The show consists of each of the performers performing their various routines across the course of the evening. Its fast paced and its hard to pick a highlight. From the awfully bendy Mr Frodo to the bizarre but enthralling Le Gateau Chocolat the show offers up a million different reasons for you to be entertained. If you want to see a group of performers pushing the boundaries of what their bodies can do while making you laugh, cry and wince (you will wince. At least once) then this is the perfect show for you. If you don’t you should get down to this anyway because it needs to be seen to be believed.

See for more on this show, including bookings, and the rest of this year's program.

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