Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is The Trashy Teen Slasher Back?

I'm awfully excited about the release of both Sorority Row and Jennifer's Body.

Sorority Row screams grade A trash, with its cast of lovely ladies (Audrina from The Hills! The Tomboy from Step Up 2, eh.. Rumer Willis!?), a ghoulish and gory outlook (I'm assuming from the trailer) and whiff of "Urban Legend" (a film which put Jared Leto and Tara Reid together, lest we forget). Its being released here and in the US at the same time which makes me think someone sees this as a cash cow and of all the recent horror remakes (you didn't think this was a new idea did you?) this looks like the most fun. I just hope there are some self aware jokes in the vein of "Scream". Sigh.

"Jennifer's Body" is going to be a cult classic whatever happens. The Diablo Cody script, the general Megan Fox factor, the playing on high school cliches in a horror format.. this all reminds me of Buffy and I can't help but expect big things from this one. And Megan Fox is a bit of a dark horse I think. Blantantly sexual and refreshingly upfront, there is something so uncensored and unusual about Megan Fox that subverts her inherent Maxim qualities. In fact the rather obvious point of the film, that sexy Jennifer isn't what she seems is Megan Fox writ large. She's a geeky, unapolgetically brash teen boy in a incredibly hot female body. Here's hoping "Jennifer's Body" lets that shine through.

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