Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Make Your Pop Single Stand Out: Brought To You By Cassie

Picture the scene.

You are Cassie. You are disgustingly beautiful. But you haven't had a hit in an awfully long time.

You have a number of high profile flop songs here and there and then someone puts you in the studio with Red One (Lady Gaga, Little Boots, Sean Kingston and what feels like every second song on the radio at the moment) and Akon (who isn't going to go away, let's face it) who have both done so many identical hit songs that there is no way in hell you'll get something new out of them.


Its very simple. You work the following lyrical wonder into your straightforward club jam.

"I'm right here, all over the place like bubbles,
My shine is like America's Next Top Model"

THAT is what you do.
I don't care that this song is generic, that is not very good really that lyric makes it worth my time.

thank you. that's all.

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