Friday, July 31, 2009

Whitney Houston is Crazy (Possibly!)

What with her new album and her "I'm clean, I SWEAR" act I'm guessing crazy shit like this from Whitney Houston will never happen again, an interview with Miss Houston and Wendy Williams, the notoriously hard assed (Mariah namechecked her in "Touch My Body" last year) and probing radio (and now TV) personality. The interview is demented, Whitney veers from queen diva to nutbag in the space of a put down. Hilarious:

So, like I said, Whitney is on the straight and narrow. Expect less put downs in interviews and more postivity. Expect no slurred words, just platitudes.

Or just expect this:

Whitney wobbling away, not being able to name Alicia Keyes songs, doing the "I'm not drunk, I SWEAR" face. This is a bit upsetting but (I'm going to hell for this. Don't care) entertaining.
The new album "I Look To You" is picking up a good buzz and has even had its released pushed forward (to a few weeks away!) so who knows, perhaps musically Whitney is back. I just hope she does another interview as entertaining as her one with Wendy.
And by the by, why can't more popstar interviews be this hilarious/confrontational/terrifying. I mean really.

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