Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Stumbled On This Old-ish Madonna Track...

I've been reading Rupert Evertt's autobiography recently. It is an interesting if slightly tedious read. Everett has a beautiful turn of phrase and an interesting if overwrought personal journey that takes in a ridiculous number of international locations. I'm still not hitting the parts where he divulges all on his relationship with Madonna but my peeking ahead (look theres only so much guff about Russia a boy can take) seems to indicate plenty to come (thank god). Anyway the book made me have a quick dig around on YouTube on anything from the movie the pair did together the illfated flop "The Next Best Thing" (which given that I sat through "Swept Away" is probably worth a watch). Anyway we all remember and would really like to forget the single released from the soundtrack "American Pie" (repress that involuntary shudder please!) but I didn't realise that there was another track she did for the OST, "Time Stood Still". Its a typical piece of Madonna/William Orbit pop but that doesn't make it any less dreamy or pleasant. Worth a listen:

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