Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girl Crush X 2

In one way I want to roll my eyes when people talk about girl crushes in magazines. It just seems a bit of a magazine cliche but lately I've realised the girl crush is a great way to sing the praises of someone you might not fancy but might not properly be attracted to. Bearing that in mind I wanted to share two of my own girl crushes.

Leighton Meester

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Leighton stars Blair Waldorf in teen soap amaze fest "Gossip Girl" (as if you didn't know). As Blair she brings a haughty vulnerabiltiy and a gleeful sense of comic timing to the uber-bitch role that elevates beyond the usual cardboard cutout mean girl. Meester acts her ass off in every scene she gets even when the show is at its most illogical (which is quite frequently). Much is made in the press about how her co-star Blake Lively is the new "It Girl" which to me makes no sense. Yeah sure she dresses like Sienna Miller and is blonde but Leighton is the one to watch. She nails Blair in all her poised insecurity and in real life has an effortless tomboy meets glam image that is impossible to dislike:

Meester has embarked on a singing career which has her lending her pipes to the new Cobra Starship single "Good Girls Go Bad" which is a superstar pop smash waiting to happen. Whether she enjoys success in this arena is still open to debate but Meester will continue to bring the brilliant Blair to life and earn my admiration for awhile yet.

Nicole Richie

I've alway thought she was utterly hilarious on The Simple Life and unfairly maligned as a celebrity who is famous for no reason. Sure Nicole is as famous for being famous as the rest of them but she always had a sense of humour about her and more importantly a realism about what she had been through and where she was going. For all the bad press she got during her uber skinny phase (which was admittedly painful to watch) she was open about wanting to change her figure and get better when many magazines just wanted her to keep skinny and keep selling photos. Since dating Joel Madden and having kids Nicole has developed a funky and effortless style that has made her a fixture of fashion pages and the perfect girl crush for any boho chic wannabes out there

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Richie has grown up gracefully the last few years and now busies herself with her jewellery line, being a mother and being one of the funniest celeb twitterers I can think of. There was talk of both an album and a TV series for Richie but neither to materialise although her 2006 book The Truth About Diamonds (a fantastically enjoyable piece of fluff) is being developed for television. Nicole earns a place on my girl crush list for her great style, her comedy timing (see video below though watch it with the volume up!) and more importantly for being a Virgo. Really whats not to love?

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