Thursday, July 23, 2009

Revenge of the Girl Crush: Kim Kardashian

Talking about Girl Crushes is both lazy and bad blogging but sometimes you see a lady so beautiful and so girl crush tastic you just have to give yourself up to the gods of ridiculous and blog it out.

Kim Kardashian

Having just watched Kim Kardashian and co (ie. "wacky family" and sportstar boyfriend) on her E! reality series "Keeping Up With Kardashians" (every bit as classy as it sounds) reminded me of how impossibly beautiful and unusually classy she is.

(all photos from

Phwoar etc. Kim is beloved of the FHM/Playboy mags of this world for her obvious lads mag appeal. And she is undeniably sexy in that curvy lady, big boobed way. But she is also impossibly beautiful too, a bombshell in the old Hollywood tradition that makes her ten times more interesting and likeable then identikit Hollywood It Girls and ten a penny FHM ladies. She stands out immediately in her numerous celeb mag photoshoots and her striking and unique face is part of what stops people hating her in the way other "famous for being famous" types like Paris Hilton are hated for.

And if talking about girl crushes is a hoary old cliche then saying someone is a style icon is even more hoar-y. But Kim has a great, edgy meets accessible dress sense that looks great on camera. She can pull of high end looks but in a way that feels like you could see it on other young women. And with people calling Beth Ditto (who to my eyes is not healthy weight wise) a style icon for "curvy" women someone like Kim with hips and boobs and an ass who still looks healthy and active is a joy to see. And even a cursory glance (ahem) at her reality series shows her as polite, demure and sweet in direct comparison to her less famous but much more crazy sisters. Kim is an interesting figure. Sexy but accessible, fashionable but not offputtingly so and just plain gorgeous she is one of those sort of pointless celebrities you not only tolerate but can't stop looking at.

The strange hypnotic power of La Kardashian is best described in this Details magazine piece from last year :

In the meantime I will just continue to gawk at this photo and wonder over the strange power of the girl crush, enjoy!

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