Friday, July 31, 2009

2 New Videos of Note: Sugas Get Sexy, Shakira Gets Her Wolf On

You just know the Sugababes were a bit miffed when they "dropped" their new video for Get Sexy this week and then the new Shakira one in all its leotard wearing, raunchy cage dancing glory made its way to the internet. Still its always nice to have two new pop videos in the space of a day!

The Sugababes manage to pack alot into their video but all looks awful cheap. Although I love Heidi's verse and that all the girls have their own unique set up and get to party on down in a white room covered in their own lyrics at the end. Its like the girls are on a journey (perhaps a sexy journey) and at the end of the journey they find each other. Like a girlband light at the end of a sexy tunnel.

The Shakira video is brilliantly executed, all hip thrusts and effortless sexuality. Shame it all comes apart in the last scene with Shakria suddenly trapped in a bad 80s dance movie hoping to She Wolf her way into a Flashdance remake. Still it is directed by Jake Nava (my favourite video director of all time) and the good scenes are brilliant, mixing that Shakira knack for being sexy and eccentric all at once. And if there was a battle of the pop leotard going on between Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Shakira I think Shaki would win hands down!

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