Saturday, July 25, 2009

Music Video Roundup

Anyone who knows me knows that I love music videos very much. Just the mere thought of a 4 minutes of overly edited glossy looking shots of people grinding in a club to the tune of the new Madonna track is enough to get me excited. Music videos are bizaare utterly unique art form where no logic or plot just visuals galore can work. Or you can tell a whole little story like a great short film all set to music. So as such I still find new videos a joy to watch be it from new aritst or established stars and for a variety of tracks. With that in mind lets have a look at some new and recently released videos I've enjoyed (or maybe not enjoyed!)

Little Boots - Remedy

This is a solid gold pop stomper from a girl who has gone from overhyped to unfairly maligned in the space of a second. Many have moaned that Boots is too commerical and lacking in edge etc. Well as stupid as these comments are they might enjoy the new video from the lady herself. A slick and glossy looking video with simple but effective visuals it brings home the technology friendly and quirky side of Little Boots that has endeared her to so many. This video probably should have been a big obvious "up in the club" type affair but this space age effort actually works brilliantly. This video is sleek and edgy and stands out a mile from everything else at the moment. It does both the song and Little Boots justice.

Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger

These girls are hard to dislike. A girl group with a strong Spice Girls meets Lily Allen feel, these three English lasses gleefully tear strips out of blonde bimbo wags. The song is a wierd but strangely brilliant mixing of cheeky lyrics, very little singing and a silly dance beat. It shouldn't work but it does. And much could be said about the video which is basically cleverly edited and staged set ups that show off the gumption of the Gold Diggers. It is basically Wannabe 2009 in its off the cuff charm and cheekiness. It fits in well with other Dolly Rocker videos they've already done on YouTube which are all worth a look. Not only do these girls brim with personality they've knocked out a great little debut single and a video that sums them up quite efficiently.

BoA - Energetic

Korean pop star with eyes on the US market BoA released her cracking English language debut stateside earlier this year and recently released the video for the 3rd single .Given that the album is a straight up dancefloor stormer all the videos have had a similar. I was delighted to hear Energetic was a single given that is a fantastic slice of aggressive synth hip hop pop. Not so delighted by the dull, unimaginative video and poor sound and crappy remix. Still this is catchy and BoA's moves are a joy to behold. Like Britney but better!

Fun Fact: Both Little Boots and Dolly Rockers filmed other videos for their respective tracks but went back to the drawing board and filmed second videos instead. And they record labels don't like to spend money

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