Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Total Xposure: Progress Report

Right so Total Xposure is chugging along week by week and for all the griping that people make about this show and other Irish productions its an entertaining and at times cringe-y piece of reality fun. The contestants are really starting to either excel or not excel and it is fascinating to see who is rising to the challenge and who isn't.

Its far from a perfect piece of TV but it is utterly watchable.
The recent red carpet challenge was a great leveller and it was quite hiliarious to see Anne Doyle take one contestant to town for calling her a veteran and consoling another who was too nervous. Only in Ireland.

The judges are great. Emma Ledden is genuinely likeable and gives concise, sharp advice. Gerry Lundberg too does a nice line in constructive criticism. Michael O'Doherty veers from dead on critique to panto villain but there is always one panto type on a reality judging panel is there not?

At this stage I'm think Daniella or Sean would be my favourites to win but these things are so hard to call particularly the public vote aspect. I'm not a huge fan of this spinning the vote into other parts thing, it makes the show feel messy and uncontained. A "Top Model" format of just the whole hour being the show would probably work a lot better. But hey, what do I know?

This is one of the most entertaining things on the box right now. I'm really looking forward to how it all pans out.

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