Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ke$ha releases video for We R Who We R, makes little sense.

I am quite a fan of Ke$ha. I enjoy her trashy pop genius. I think she has more talent than many give her credit for and the recent Cannibal EP tied into a reissue of her album has churned out plenty of gems. Not least the current We R Who We R another fine slice of Dr. Luke approved snyth-electroy-trashy pop pleasure. I was quite excited for the video, with Hype Williams on board, how could she go wrong? Well quite easily it seems.

The video is a bit of a hack job. I found myself asking WHY? everytime I watch it.

WHY? # 1 : Why pick Hype Williams to direct a video, clearly spend a fortune on elaborate tunnel based seqeunces and then intercut it with shots of Ke$ha that look so cheap they were probably filmed on an iPhone she stole from Katy Perry's handbag? WHY?

WHY # 2 : Why would anyway look at a dating website on their laptop while DJing at an outdoor raveathon? WHY?

WHY # 3: Why did Ke$ha think it was a good idea to put studs on her eyebrows for her closeups. Can you imagine how hard it must have been for her to get those off the next day?

WHY # 4: Why is that tequila bottle so badly shot? If you're going to do product placement at least have a bit of balls about it. Please see motion picture event Burlesque for lessons on how to shamlessly plug trendy tequila.

WHY # 5: Why does Ke$ha seem intent on being a great popstar but then releases videos like these that imply that she is not a great popstar? WHY?

I could be here all day with the whys, the whys, the ENDLESS WHYS but have a look for yourself. The Cannibal release is still well worth checking out, awful videos related to it aside:

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