Monday, December 20, 2010

Emma Bunton Gets A Nation Dancing. Kind Of.

Tonight, I had settled down for an evening of prodcutive blogging and other computer based things but for some reason I ended up watching Gremlins and a host of other satellite TV programming instead. WHOOPS. 

I did stumble across a gem of an advertisment though. You may or may not know (I didn't!) that Emma "I was Baby Spice once, remember that?" Bunton is now a radio presenter for Heart FM. Surprsingly, Heart FM does not seem to be the home of death metal on UK radio. But I'm glad Emma has landed a regular gig, her move into presenting has really suited her. Though I do miss pop gems like this:

and this:

BUT fear not because there is now an ad for Emma's station that will make you giggle quite a bit and is almost as much fun as her pop career highlights. The ad sees Emma play a tune and soon the nation is dancing. In slow motion. And with reckless abandon. Even nurses who should be doing their jobs are too busy bopping away. And good luck trying to get a haircut in this new nation under DJ Emma Bunton. Even Baby Spice herself is too busy throwing shapes in studio to get any work done. What a disgrace.

I've always loved the idea of working in radio and despite doing bits and pieces with various shows and stations in the last few years, I've never seen anybody boogie around in slow mo and turn their listeners into carefree, work-ignoring zombies. 

What a shame.

The ad is airing on most of the UK satellite channels right now with "I'm Every Woman" as the soundtrack but the clip above is the exact same, just with a different track. You get the gist. And the next time you hear your favourite radio jock "drop a record" you better pray that somewhere a nurse is getting her freak on and ignoring a patient. 

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