Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, well. Here we are. I had grand plans for my TOP 40 SONGS OF 2010 and my BEST MOMENTS OF 2010 posts but let's just say between the Christmas pudding and the TV boxsets my Christmas has made me a bit lax about blogging.

But why not? 2010 has been a mental one for me but in the best possible way. I've met some deadly people, been involved with some great projects and had more than my fair share of "Is this really happening?!?" moments.

To everyone I worked with, met, hung out with, said nice things about Following Fade Street or even just read this blog (and everything in between!) a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU. I've had the best year of my life and 2010 will have to do lots to top it. I'll see you post NYE for more pop culture dirt here and on Twitter.

Quite frankly this post is purely an excuse to show my favourite image that sums up the year I had. You can see the glamour, you can feel the passion in this photo from Peter Fingleton's Sharp Shock:

Beautiful. Happy New Year everyone!

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