Friday, December 10, 2010

Compilation Genius to Cure the Flu Blues

I am sick as a parrot today (this is a phrase I use. Just go with it) and plans to try and get lots of writer-y work done is moving at a snails pace. The urge to crawl under a duvet on the couch and watch Gossip Girl is slowly starting to take over. Some people self medicate, I just stare at Blair Waldorf.

BUT as I struggle through a compilation of party tunes I've just got has made the day go a bit smoother. I've gotten alot of stick from my mates about my weird obsession with party tune/chart hit compilations but with the DJing I do and my general music collecting tendencies a good one is a little slice of heaven.

So roll up Everybody Dance. I'm aware I overuse this word but the tracklist for this is amazing.

At a glance you have this gem:

and this one:


All of these numbers feature alongside a host of other beauties. I have two words for you: The Rembrandts. Honestly I feel like I should do one of those mad high concept blogs where I blog about a song of this every day for a few months. Oh could you imagine the fun I'd have.

ANYWAY of all the big party tune collections you'll see filling stockings this Christmas this is far and away the best. I love how it mixes old dance tunes, disco hits and some random pop tunes (Oh hello, Holly Valance) together. If you are anywhere near me and a party I'm playing tunes at in the next few weeks, expect to hear songs from this.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to blow my nose with To Be Real on repeat. Every flu has a silver lining.

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