Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Britney Leaks A New Video

The rather great MuuMuse has pointed out that a New (NEW!) cut of the most recent Britney video "3" has leaked online. How exciting! The original video is here ("embedding disabled by request" of course. I'll never understand the reason for this. Never) and while many fans aren't mad on the video I think it does the job well, providing us with lots of shots of hair flipping Britney (amazing) and sultry close ups (amazing x 2)

Phwoar etc. Still this new cut is quite exciting for the fact that it features way more dancing than the first version which when it comes to Britney is no bad thing. There is also a whole new scene cut throughout too with Britters resplendent (there. I said it) in lace and a very tight hair bun which makes her look classy as classy can be:

So classy she had to lie down obviously. I actually love this look on Britney. It doesn't sit so well with the looser tone of how she looks elsewhere in the video and the general flapping about suggesting a threesome but I'll take what I can get.

There are loads of different shots in this cut that aren't in the original. My favourite is one where Britney spins into the arms of a dancer who is at Britter's crotch and stares as if looking for his keys. Or just needs somewhere to rest his head for a minute. Shoddy screen cap alert:

Who hasn't been having a bit of a dance party and needed a few seconds to relax? Even if that relaxing takes place at crotch level. Try not to judge.

I went through a couple of minutes of indecision over which of these cuts was better. And after that torment I realised that obviously the new one is best. Not only does it feature all the great qualities listed above it has an exclusive air that will give Britney nerds major bragging rights for years to come. "Well true fans know that the director's cut of 3 is actually one of her best videos. Its a rare find but a real gem" they'll say as their friends debate silly musical questions such as "Is Kid A the best album of this decade?" or similar.

Without further ado (or pointless rambling) here is that director's cut. And if you find some track from "Kid A" playing through your head while you watch this that's your problem. Don't look at me. It's not like I ever listened to it.

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