Monday, December 28, 2009

Tyra Stops Smiling With Her Talk Show Eyes

Well this is quite the development. Tyra Banks has just announced today that this season of her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show (she should have called it I Wish I Was Oprah if you ask me) will be her last.

What. A. Tragedy.

The Tyra show never really took off because in all honesty it is muck. Even compared to other talk shows. Tyra for all her self belief does not know how to interview people. It is always about her during each segment to an embarrassing degree.

Still it is a shame that now D list celebs will have to hawk their wares elsewhere, that girls who used to be on Top Model won't have this show to fall back when they need the bills paid or when Tyra wants to wear a swimsuit and tell people she IS NOT FAT. Forshame.

In honour of the annoucement watch this utterly cringealicious interview with TyTy and Miss Janet Jackson from last year. It sums up her fawning, utterly crap approach to interviewing quite succintly:

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