Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Exactly News BUT the video for Rihanna's Hard is...


I meant to watch this a few weeks ago when it leaked but how balls out amazing is Rihanna's video for "Hard"? Skillfully shot, effortlessly sexy and with a neat mix of slight plot and supremely fierce fashion, its a masterclass in how to do a big name music video. Take note other popstars. "Rated R" has had a fantastic visual campaign to add to the brilliance of the music and I can't wait to see what RiRi brings for us in the coming year. Apparently Rude Boy is to be the next single for the UK/Ireland presumably followed by this, but until that video surfaces lets enjoy bad ass military chic Rihanna in all her glory:


  1. "That Rihanna reign/rain wont let up." Love it.

    Bit like an update of Jamelia's 'See It In A Boy's Eyes'. But sexier.

  2. Yes! I never thought of that! Like if Jamelia got awful dirty and revelled in it. good point.