Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why Wasn't This Huge?: thecocknbullkid "I'm Not Sorry"

I'm casting my eyes over the end of year, end of decade and what will be huge in 2010 lists as we all do at this time of the year. There are plenty of acts, many of whom how have been flitting around the pop world for the best part of this year and look set to break (or not break) as 2010 unfolds. The scrapheap of each year is always quite high as tastemakers see predictions fall flat or just not as high as they'd hoped.

This got me thinking about this rather amazing track from one of those hopefuls thecocknbullkid. Her track I'm Not Sorry is a proper belter. It has a menacing quality as well a chorus that lodges in your head for days at a time. I remember first hearing about this track at the start of last year and it just never caught on. I'm not quite sure why. The general "campaign" (to quote a messageboard cliche) never seemed to happen. And that is a shame, "I'm Not Sorry" is as strong anything La Roux, Little Boots et al and Anita Bray, the lady behind thecocknbullkid, sounds like an interesting and talented person if this Guardian article is anything to go by.

While you muse over where it all went wrong have a listen to the track, I've only remembered it over the last few days but I'd put it down as one of the best things I've heard all year:

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