Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Truth About Jedward

The post X Factor reaction to those big haired boys John and Edward Grimes has been really interesting. And quite fun to watch. From appearing on the Late Late Toy Show ("ohmygodican'tbelievewe'reonthetoyshowthisis..sooooexciting" etc) to opening the Arnotts sale ( you know how it is) and doing a mountain of club appearances in between these boys are having so much fun with their new found fame it that is hard to resist.

I do particularly love this clip (which I saw when The Bubble Boy posted it on Facebook, thanks for that) of the boys on The Graham Norton Show (airing tomorrow for those of you not going out for NYE or who have a Sky+) where they manage to hold their own against Graham Norton, Joan Rivers and Sarah Jessica Parker (who is on fine form it must be said).

Watching the boys careen around big name TV gigs reminds me of someone else. Another dynamic duo that were a hit with all ages and had no problem just being themselves and doing their own thing and cracking up the audience while they were doing it. I do of course mean Zig and Zag. Thanks to YouTube and the DVD they released last year I've noticed that their brand of zany humour and fun has been missing from TV in many ways. Its hard to watch this:

and not think of this:

I'm telling you, these boys have the Zig and Zag magic. And that is no bad thing.

And speaking of Zig and Zag this is priceless, I wish somebody, anybody would do TV as harebrained and effortless as this:

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