Friday, June 15, 2012

Misha B's Home Run Video: Some Notes

If like me you didn't see much of The X-Factor last year you probably still caught some of Misha B's performances on Youtube because she was clearly the best thing on the show. By a country mile. Those pipes, that natural charisma, she's every inch the popstar no matter what press reports about "diva antics" might have lead you to believe.

Thankfully, Misha B's debut single Home Run is legit amazing. It's got a brilliant, jerky rhythm with production dripping in neat touches (kudos to MNEK on that front) and it sounds fresh and appealing, a world away from the rather anonymous dance-pop that is starting to clog the charts.

Misha B has just "dropped" (Technical term) the video for Home Run and it is also very very very good. In fact in this sea of general good things Misha B is bringing here is a list of the key things we've learnt from the video. After a grand total of one viewing. That's called "in-depth journalism" in case you were wondering.

1: Misha B likes to do a bit of dancing but not too much: Misha knocks out some slick moves alongside her dance troupe (What do I have to do to get a troupe of dancers? I am serious.) but in a way that's very effortless and "oh this? just some killer choereo I learnt when I had a few minutes". Which is even more amazing in itself.

2: Lyrical Bling: Misha helpfully reminds us of the songs name by wearing a Home Run knuckleduster. I am here for this kind of lyrical bling in pop videos and think it should be mandatory for all popstars to sport jewellery with their song names on it at all times.

3: Head Shaking: Lots of sassy, hair shaking in this video. Not quite the Britney Hair Flip but still impressive.

4: UV Body Paint Fun: In the list of "things that work amazingly well in pop videos but would probably an absolute mess in real life" Misha and co. do some dancing in UV body paint covered in crazy designs. It looks very nice and is intercut beautifully with the standard shots. If you need me I'll be down the hardware shop in the NEON PAINT aisle.

If that isn't enough to convince you of the merits of the video then give it a look below. 


Home Run is released on the 13th of July in Ireland and the 16th in the UK.

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