Friday, June 15, 2012

6 of The Best : Pop Culture Treats of the Week

Friday is here and it's time for me to reflect on the pop culture week that was. Here are 6 things I really really loved this week.

1: Andrew Garfield and his perfect hair is perfect 

No more explanation needed. Peep these .gifs and SWOON.

2: Madonna Boob Hysteria: A Plea For Sanity

Madonna flashed a bap at a stop on her MDNA tour this week and it's really not that big a deal you guys. This Buzzfeed piece is a perfect explanation why.

3: Charlize Theron is like, REALLY funny

I stumbled on Charlize's interview with Chelsea Handler this week and it is SO FUNNY. And apparently she did stuff with Funny or Die and wouldn't you know it, those videos are pretty funny too. The sooner she ends up in a Bridesmaid style comedy the better really.

4: RuPaul is obviously amazing and deserves an Emmy

You'll feel the same after this short but sweet interview with ET Online.

5: Gaze Film Festival Announces Irish Short Film: 

The Dublin LGBT film festival Gaze will be screening Irish shorts this year and it's first pick The Arrival is a hoot. Check out the trailer below:

6: Lady Gaga to Release A Perfume

The details leaked online this week and Gaga soon confirmed the details on her first ever fragrance. The first official poster for the fragrance is also amazing. I can say without any shame that I am dying to give this a sniff.


Just a handful of the things that had me jumping about with glee this week. Feel free to leave your suggestions below!

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