Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Katy Perry's Wide Awake Video: A First Impression

I do love a new pop video and when I finally got around to watching the new Katy Perry clip for Wide Awake, I was curious to see what one of pop's biggest stars would drum up. Particularly as the song itself feels a little bit more restrained than some of her recent over the top hits. I mean, just what might KP cook up for us?

Here is my first impression review, because what can be more in-depth and analytical than a first-watch only response to a big pop video? Nothing, that's what. 

So my first impression of this video is... UM REALLY KATY PERRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? IS THAT IT? IS. THAT. IT? 

It opens with KP wrapping her final "naked but for the grace of a strategically placed cloud" shot for her California Gurls video, exchanging limp "witty banter" with a crew member (When in actual fact as a Huge Ass Celebrity, Katy probably never does this. Probably) before sitting in her dressing room and removing the wig that hides the True Artiste Within. But, GASP as Katy looks into the mirror and she slips into a daydream. 

Now we're in badly plotted music video fairytale land as Katy stalks around a giant maze (the only way this video could be deemed as amazing, hahahahahahahahah-sorry), eats a strawberry and meets a lost little girl (THIS MIGHT BE IMPORTANT LATER). Katy then runs down an alley-way before being confronted by scary demonic paps (because you see they are stealing her SOUL by photographing her so much!), breaking a mirror and ending up in some kind of insane asylum where scary minotaur dudes appear (at this point, I should concede that they did look pretty cool.). Little Girl steps in with some foot stamping that sees them off, freeing Crazy Perry to frolic out of the maze and meet her Prince Charming. But, WAIT! Katy has had a moment of clarity, she is quite literally Wide Awake to the patriarchy-enforcing role of Prince Charming and is having none of it so she punches him and runs away. Yes Katy! You Go Girl! Sisterhood!!!

Katy turns to her little girl partner in crime and bids her farewell as she presses something into her hand. She scurries away (probably to kick her mom in the shins for booking her such a cheesy gig) while Katy stares wistfully after her and OH MY GOD PLOT TWIST the little girl has the name Kathryn on her bicycle name plate!!!1!!11! Which is in fact Katy's real name! Like, don't lose sight of your dreamz guyz. You too can work your ass off and shot whip cream/fireworks/whatever you desire out of your boobs and have multiple number one hits.

Katy opens her hand to see a beautiful CGI butterfly flap away and we are back with Katy In Real Life in her dressing room clad in tour opening outfit. Looking bewildered, the butterfly flys away and seamlessly (i.e. not at all) transitions into the closing shot which is Katy arriving on stage for her show. The same show that is, funnily enough, the subject of the big-screen documentary this song is the single for. What beautiful synergy.

In short, this video is a cloying, overdone mess that takes a rather good pop song, a quite likable child actor and some cool minotaur guys and turns it into an overly sentimental eye roll inducing mess. And the funny thing is, it's still better than her last video which featured Perry with a ridiculous short haircut dancing like a blindfolded monkey under a flag and being the world's most incompetent solider. Good Lord.

I'm still probably going to go see that documentary though. So really, it's Katy Kathryn Hudson Perry Formerly Brand who is the true winner here. Balls.


  1. Loved your review and agree 100% and this song and video will sell because it's Katy Perry after all. It's a real mess.

  2. Thanks Sharon! Her fans will love it I suppose so more power to them! : /