Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Vol. 02 : Lindsay Lohan - Stuck

I did a post in this vein AGES ago and when I co-hosted the Boombox radio show on RTE Pulse we made Coulda Woulda Shoulda a weekly feature, picking tracks we thought should have been massive, never got to be singles etc! It's now back with a feature from one of my favourite Hollywood trainwrecks/occasional popstar Lindsay Lohan

(cover art from Coverlandia

Lindsay has released two albums, Speak in 2004 and the follow up A Little More Personal (Raw) in 2005. Although she never scored a huge hit there were some enjoyable moments scattered between both albums and Lohan has a decent voice with a husky, emotional side you mightn't expect. A third release, a R&B pop effort called Spirit In The Dark was mooted for 2007. But despite the single Bossy being officially released in 2008, written and produced by Ne-Yo and Stargate no less, there hasn't been anything else released by La Lohan.

There have been plenty of leaks however and the standout track is a gem called Stuck. A moody, synth pop number with waves of guitar splashed all over it, the track only exists as a slightly unpolished demo but it feels like a bonafide hit. It's not clear who wrote or produced the track, which appeared online in 2010 but it would still work as a radio-ready pop track today. The big-chorus has lashings of drama ("Sticky fingers, sticky hands, sticky everything!" Lindsay wails) while the verses see Lohan giving it plenty of growling sass. 

Even Marina and the Diamonds is a fan it seems. In an interview with Elle US for their 2011 music she sung the track's praises:

ELLE: What song are you listening to on repeat?
Marina: Remember that Lindsay Lohan demo from last year "Stuck"?
Elle: No...?
Marina: Oh, you have to Youtube it! It's the perfect pop song. It's such a shame it wasn't released I wish they would give it to me!

To be honest, if it's good enough for Marina then it's good enough for me. Stuck is something of a hidden gem and a perfect contender for Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. With Lindsay finally back on the movie thing (she's filming a Liz Taylor TV movie now and then slated to film with Brett Easton Ellis next month) maybe a pop comeback is in Lindsay's future? 

Give Stuck a listen below:

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